Thursday, December 27, 2012

Evolve 2: Hero vs. Hidaka Review

Chris Hero & Ikuto Hidaka Main Event Evolve's Second Show!!

Evolve 2: Hero vs. Hidaka
Rahway, New Jersey 3/13/10

1.) Brad Allen vs. Chris Dickinson: **1/4

So Brad Allen is being built up as a big player in Evolve but is being looked down upon by veteran wrestlers like Chris Hero. Thus, Allen is trying to work his way up the ranks. Isn't Dickinson a student of Davey Richards? Anyway, the match was an ok opener. Allen makes it clear post-match that he's coming for Chris Hero.

2.) Gran Akuma vs. Brodie Lee: **

Eh...this match was short, but established Akuma as a threat, which is funny because you think they would establish Brodie Lee as a threat instead of losing to Akuma in 3 Minutes. Nothing the match was bad (it was good...for a 3 Minute Match) or that Gran Akuma sucks (he doesn't), I'm just pointing out a mismatch (in my opinion).

3.) Aeroform vs. Up In Smoke: **1/4

This was a fun little tag team match. I like Up In Smoke, but I'm not totally sold on Aeroform yet.

4.) Kenn Doane vs. Caleb Konley: *3/4

So this is Kenn Doane aka "Kenny" from the Spirit Squad. Why is he even here? Eh, this is skippable. 

Doane gets interviewed afterwords. I don't care...

5.) Kyle O’Reilly vs. Hallowicked: ***

TJ Perkins was originally scheduled to face O'Reilly but since Perkins is injured, Hallowicked is taking his place, pulling double duty in the process. This was a pretty decent match. Nothing overly exciting, but nonetheless solid.

6.) Ricochet vs. Chuck Taylor: ***1/2

So these two have had a history of great matches against each other and have wrestled each other numerous times. It definitely showed in this match, as it was pretty good. Not much else to say.

After the match, Chuck Taylor says he's going to keep his winning streak going.

7.) Claudio Castagnoli vs. Bobby Fish: ***1/2

Here we got another fine match. Never realized how good Bobby Fish really is. Now I appreciate him more. 

Afterwords Chuck Taylor challenges Claudio to a match at Evolve 3. Claudio accepts. 

Chris Dickinson comes out and apologizes to the ref for his action in the opening match (he got int the refs face). Some guys are in the crowd taunting Dickinson and Tony Kozina has to come out and restrain Dickinson. Don't know who these guys are that taunted Dickinson so I don't care.

8.) WSU World Title – Mercedes Martinez vs. Sumie Sakai: **

Not much here. Typical Indy Women's Match.

Martinez post-match asks for more competition.

9.) Jimmy Jacobs vs. Johnny Gargano: ***

This match was really enjoyable. It was short but it was a lot of fun.

10.) Four-Way Elimination Match – Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw vs. The Colony vs. The Osirian Portal vs. Hallowicked & Frightmare: ***3/4

I was really excited about this match going into it (why wouldn't you be? It's a match with CHIKARA wrestlers). They did not disappoint. This was really fun. Exactly the kind of fast-paced action you would expect from these guys. Great Match

11.) Chris Hero vs. Ikuto Hidaka: ****

Claudio accompanies Hero while Brad Allen accompanies Hidaka. This was a great match and proved to be a quality main-event.

Overall: 8.0/10

This was my first taste of Evolve, and I gotta say I enjoyed what I saw. Though the first part of the card was a little lackluster (not saying certain matches were bad), everything from the O'Reilly match on was good to great, and really made for an enjoyable show. 

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  1. Thanks for the review. I was wondering if I should start looking into Evolve, and it's nice to see a review that gives a feel for it.