Thursday, February 7, 2013

ROH Manhattan Mayhem IV Review

Eddie Edwards cashes in his Survival of the Fittest Title Shot against World Champion Roderick Strong!!

ROH Manhattan Mayhem IV
New York City, New York 3/19/11

1.) Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly vs. Michael Elgin & Mike Mondo: ***1/4

This was a pretty good opener, and the hot NYC crowd definitely helped things.

After the match, Martini gives Mike Mondo the thumbs down and Elgin lays him out.

2.) Tommaso Ciampa vs. Grizzly Redwood: **

Essentially a squash match for Ciampa in this one. It was ok, but Ciampa should have won in a little quicker fashion. 

After the match, The Embassy beats down Redwood until Steve Corino comes out for the save. He checks on Redwood as Mike Bennett (wearing a Red Sox Jersey) & Brutal Bob Evans come out. Bennett says he's gonna make Corino fall of the wagon. They exchange more words before the bell rings & we're under way!

3.) Steve Corino vs. “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett: **1/2

A fairly decent match. Bennett finally got the right kind of heat & Corino is doing a great job with his recovery storyline.

4.) Tag Team Challenge Match – Jay & Mark Briscoe vs. The All Night Express: ***1/2

The booking in this match was actually pretty good, as the fans were increasing growing Anti-Briscoe, and a double turn occurred. The match itself was very good, pretty much what'd one would expect from ROH Tag Team Wrestling.

After the match, both teams got into a pull-apart brawl.

5.) El Generico vs. TJ Perkins: ***

El Generico was frozen from World Title Contention in Plymouth thanks to the House of Truth. I gotta say while the match Perkins had with Chris Hero the night before was pretty good, this was just good. The shortness of the match might have had something to do with it.

6.) Non-Title Dream Tag Team Match – The Kings of Wrestling vs. Homicide & Hernandez: ***3/4

Homicide brings in his LAX partner from TNA for this Dream Match against The Kings. This was very entertaining & lots of fun. 

7.) Pure Rules Match – Christopher Daniels vs. Davey Richards: ****

I like the idea of bringing back the Pure Rules match for special occasion, maybe once a year or so. This wasn't as good as their match in Chicago, but it was still pretty good. They used the rules of this match pretty well. The big moment was probably Davey's botched Shooting Star Press, but he still manages to beat Daniels.

Daniels, despite shaking the hand of Richards afterwords, is visibly frustrated, and storms off.

8.) ROH World Title Match –Roderick Strong vs. Eddie Edwards: ****1/2

Edwards got this shot by winning the 2010 Survival of the Fittest Tournament. This was a very good match. Both guys seem to match up pretty well as opponents. It had a lot of drama, and Edwards winning the belt was a huge surprise and sent the NYC crowd into a frenzy. 

Truth Martini is incredibly upset. Edwards looks to be in shock as he celebrates with the belt. Davey comes out, and their is a little tension, but he eventually hugs Edwards and celebrates with his friend.

Overall: 8.25/10

Like all the previous Manhattan Mayhem's, this one proved to be pretty good. Obviously the Main Event & World Title Change are worth getting this show alone. The Pure Rules & Dream Tag Team Matches were also very good, and the undercard delivered pretty much what it needed to, making for a good night of wrestling in New York City.

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