Friday, March 29, 2013

ROH Liv3 Strong Review

Roderick Strong does battle with Kevin Steen in ROH's return to the Pittsburgh Area!!

ROH Liv3 Strong
Belle Vernon, PA 6/30/12


1.) Winner Gets a World Title Shot – Roderick Strong vs. Jay Lethal vs Adam Cole vs. Mike Bennett (Taped in Baltimore, MD on 5/18/12): **1/2

This was a bonus match recorded at the May 8th TV Tapings, where the winner got the World Title Shot on this show. I gotta say for a Five Minute Match, this was pretty good...but it was only 5 minutes. Entertaining is a good word to use.

Main Show

1.) Kyle O’Reilly vs. Jay Lethal: ***

This was a pretty good match. Both guys wrestled smartly. Definitely a step up from their match a few months earlier in Florida.

Ring of Honor CEO Joe Koff comes out with the rest of the ROH Roster (save S.C.U.M.) to present a lifetime achievement award to Bruno Sammartino. He talks for a bit and thanks the ROH fans.

2.) Adam Cole vs. Pepper Parks: **3/4

Pepper Parks is a local talent. Sucks this wasn't made a Proving Ground Match now that Adam Cole was the new ROH World TV Champion. I think it could have added something. Regardless, the match itself was fine.

3.) Four Corner Survival – “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett vs. Mike Mondo vs. Kenny King vs. Mike Sydal: ***1/4

We have an interesting array of opponents here. A solid Four-Corner Survival Match, though the finish came out of nowhere.

4.) First Time in ROH – Eddie Edwards vs. Tommaso Ciampa: ***1/2

The Embassy comes out with Ciampa, but Ciampa attacks Prince Nana, and has to be taken to the back. I don't think people were expecting much from this, but it turned out to be great. Ciampa especially looked very good. He's definitely moving up in the world.

5.) The War Continues – BJ Whitmer vs. Jimmy Jacobs: ***1/4

After many years, this famous ROH rivalry has been rekindled. Even though Kevin Steen caused BJ to be counted out, it didn't really hurt the match much as Whitmer & Jacobs have great chemistry in the ring.

6.) Grudge Match – Rhett Titus vs. Charlie Haas: **1/4

This is an extension of the WGTT/ANX rivalry. Haas nearly causes a riot amongst the fans. A relatively boring match, to be honest. Moving on...

7.) Tag Team Grudge Match – Jay & Mark Briscoe vs. Michael Elgin & Rhino: ***1/2

This is the first time Rhino & Elgin have teamed up. A very solid tag team match. Nice power spots with Elgin & Rhino and The Briscoes are as good as always.

8.) ROH World Title – Kevin Steen vs. Roderick Strong: ***3/4

As mentioned above, Strong won this shot at the May 8th TV Tapings in a Bonus Four-Way. This was actually a pretty good match. They told a pretty good story, and I think this was the best match these two have had in Ring of Honor.

Overall: 7.5/10

This was a pretty solid house show. When you return to an area after a number of years, you don't have to necessarily have a blow away show, but one that's pretty solid. The Haas/Titus Match is skippable, but everything else is relatively solid.

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  1. Saw this live and loved it to death, though don't know how it looks on the DVD side. It's always better live.